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Adopting the Project Echo Model™ in Columbia, MO: A Case Study

Something feels eerily familiar on Fear the Walking Dead , and it's not just the zombies. Aside from the flesh-eating monsters at the core of each series, not to mention the titles of the shows themselves, both the flagship The Walking Dead and its spinoff Fear the Walking Dead boast several similarities, especially when holding the second seasons of each show up against each other.

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While Rick Grimes and his companions are far away from Hershel Greene's farm these days, submerged in far different but no less bloody battles of their own, the Manawa-Clark clan is currently undergoing similar levels of dysfunction and disaster as seen in season two of the main AMC zombie series. Before Fear the Walking Dead resumes its second season on August 21, here are a few of the ways it echoes the original Walking Dead :. Throughout the second season of The Walking Dead , the show's second lead character Shane Walsh Jon Bernthal spiraled out of control, murdering men when it suited his cause, justifying his lethal actions with thin excuses.

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Likewise, Fear the Walking Dead has seen a psychotic breakdown from one of its central figures: Chris Manawa Lorenzo James Henrie , who has taken human lives and even contemplated killing members of his own family on a few occasions. Shane reached the end of the line in season two, killed at the hands of his best friend Rick Grimes Andrew Lincoln.

In Rick's defense, the former lawman only murdered his partner after numerous stabs at reconciliation, before ultimately resorting to a literal stab. While the situation with Chris hasn't quite yet reached this breaking point, he has a Rick of his own in the form of his father, Travis Cliff Curtis , who is doing everything in his power to curb his son's darkest desires. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview The young Reclamation Engineer, Terry, has new problems to solve as he learns how Bill's family managed to survive the sudden breakdown of the lives they had once known, and as he prepares to tackle a future that has the potential to be much brighter and much tougher than the one he was expecting.

Tuesday night, I saw my dear friend Paige McCourt '16 for the first time in too long. A beautiful young woman named Patience gave me one of the best hugs I've ever been given, 10 minutes after meeting me. Nirup Alphonse our Spiritual Renewal speaker introduced himself and shook my hand.

Brecken’s breakdown

And, senior Andrew Hoff and I finally remembered what class we had together other than interpersonal communication this past spring. You could say it was a good night. Wednesday was a wonderful day. I saw so many happy faces, there was a lovely gray sky personal preference , the final Spiritual Renewal session was so encouraging and I made a pretty lopsided - but happy - mug in ceramics.

I was a little stressed and busy, but it was a good day.

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These things were a nice change of pace from a streak of not-so-great days and nights. Nights full of too many tissues in the waste basket - overflowing to the floor, days spent not finishing my homework or sending those emails, trying every medicine or essential oil at my disposal, days feeling incapable or incoherent and nights sitting up, physically and mentally exhausted and wide awake literally crying out for rest. We're wrapping up the third week of the semester - our first full week at that.

This was the week where syllabus shock wore off, and we think we have everything under control until suddenly there's a meeting at p.