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Miscarriage —Death of an infant during the first 20 weeks of gestation. Usually a miscarriage occurs in the first 12 weeks. In most states the hospital is responsible for the remains of the baby. However, some states are introducing legislation that would allow parents to request the body for burial. Ectopic Pregnancy —When the baby fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterus. A ruptured ectopic pregnancy is a potentially life-threatening event for the mother. Stillbirth —The death of an infant in the last 20 weeks of gestation, but prior to birth. In most states it is the responsibility of the parents to bury the baby.

Perinatal Loss —The death of an infant during pregnancy, childbirth, or during the first 28 days after birth. South Canaan, PA. Borg, Susan and Lasker, Judith. Revised Breck, John. The Sacred Gift of Life. Orthodox Christianity and Bioethics.

Naming the Child : Jenny Schroedel :

Crestwood, NY. Elliott, Martha. Klunger-Bell, Kim.

Unspeakable Losses. Kohn, Ingrid and Perry-Lynn Moffitt. New York: Routledge, Limbo, Rana K. Bereavement Services. LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Revised Printing Lothrop, Hannah. Fisher Books, Moe, Thomas. The Haworth Pastoral Press. New York. Olson, Heidi B. Panuthos, Claudia and Catherine Romeo.

Ended Beginnings. Shimchick, John. Parish Ministry Resources. Orthodox Church in America. Vogel, Gary E. Paul, Minnesota. Worden, William. Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy. A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner. Second Edition. New York: Springer Publishing Company, Realize that the parents are sad because they miss their baby, and that he or she can never be replaced by anyone else, including future children or children they may already have.

Let the parents know that they, their family and the baby are in your prayers.

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Call or send a sympathy card. What the parents need most now is a good listener and a shoulder, not a lecture or advice. Listen when they talk about the death of their baby. Talk about the baby by name, if they have named the child. Ask what the baby looked like, if the parents saw the baby. Surviving stillbirth for fathers.

Baltimore, MD: First Candle, 6 pp. Annotation: This brochure focuses on the grief of fathers who have lost a child to stillbirth.

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Topics include tips for addressing personal grief as well as the grief in the relationship, in the workplace, and in the future. Schroedel J. Naming the child: Hope-filled reflections on miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, pp. Annotation: This book, directed to consumers grieving the death of a child, offers perspectives on ways to grieve and heal after the loss of a child, and how to make difficult decisions regarding a dying or deceased child.

Apart from her personal perspectives, the author recounts the child loss related experiences of many others as well. March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. Annotation: This fact sheet provides a description of miscarriage, outlines what is known about why it occurs, symptoms, treatment, tests, causes of repeat miscarriage, recovery times, and how long a woman should wait before attempting another pregnancy.

References are provided. Keywords: Fetal death , Fetal mortality , Pregnancy complications , Pregnancy loss , Spontaneous abortion.

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Ilse S. Precious lives, painful choices: A prenatal decision-making guide. Annotation: This decision-making guide addresses the decisions and losses which couples must face upon learning their unborn child will or is likely to die at birth. The author describes what couples can expect through each decision, and how to cope with decisions and their ultimate outcome.

Quotes from couples who experienced the death of a child are generously included throughout the text. Keywords: Abortion , Childbirth , Children with special health care needs , Counseling , Grief , Perinatal bereavement , Pregnancy , Pregnancy complications , Pregnancy loss , Pregnancy outcome , Spontaneous abortion.

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Leaney C, Silver M. Unsung lullabies: Coping with miscarriage. Boulder, CO: Injoy Productions, 1 videotape 47 minutes.

go Annotation: This videotape presents discussions by women and men who have experienced miscarriage.