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And he had a mind like a catalogue.

Exploring the Diverse Lands of Middle-earth

Never in his wildest dreams would he have even considered the notion that anything he had written was true. He was a lover of words, of stories, songs and histories.

The myths that he wove together were just that to him, myths. Like any good lover of myth, he believed that there was a thread of truth, but that that truth was too distilled and obscured, it would never be able to be understood by the waking human mind. And he never fooled himself into thinking that he could find the truth and separate it from the myth, and therefore chose to love them for the pictures that they painted in his mind, for the songs that they had been turned into over time.

6. Morgoth’s Ring

He believed himself to have written a myth for the modern age. It was his love letter to language and history, to songs and culture, but no more real to him than Jack and The Beanstalk or Peter Pan.

The New York Times:

Add it to your Kindle ebook collection for only 99 cents and help support our channeling endeavours. Tolkien was never satisfied with names, for example, and his characters changed names as others change their clothes. Some drafts contradicted others. Developments would change the course of the story you had known to that point.

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Characters appeared and sometimes disappeared. Still, his dedication is admirable and indeed endearing. I had often wondered about the relationship between this father and son. Working together, sharing beliefs and values, joining forces to achieve a common goal is presented over and over again and always in a positive light.

8 Weird, Deep-Cut Pitches for Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' Prequel Series

Solitude and isolation often lead to perdition. I tasted my little part of the strength that communion gives through this read-along. The History of Middle-earth was probably too much for me if I had tried to read it by myself. I almost stepped down at that point. And luckily so, because I consider The Lays one of the best volumes in the History.

The group gave me the motivation to read, the will to find time to read every night, no matter how tired or how many other things I had to do.

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Sharing my impressions and experience with the other readers was the most rewarding part of it. Reading a chapter and then posting my ideas on the group, receiving the opinions of others, sharing our feelings, discussing what we saw differently. It includes a variety of texts, including part of a Silmarillion draft, and explorations on the origins of the Ents.

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Not quite a novel but just as rich in detail and scope, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil is a collection of poetry originally published in Critically acclaimed poet W. Christopher also provides a detailed introduction. First published in , and often seen as a companion The Lord of the Rings , Tolkien worked on this collection intermittently throughout his career.

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Published in , it was nominated for the Carnegie Medal, and continues to enchant audiences around the globe, with the story most recently adapted into a trilogy of films by Peter Jackson. It follows modest Hobbit Bilbo Baggins on an epic quest, that sees him facing off against Smaug the Dragon, and participating in the Battle of the Five Armies.

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