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Die Magier 7 Dec. Ringmasters 12 Dec. German Brass 14 Dec. Gregorianika 22 Dec. Zauber der Travestie 28 Dec. Don't Stop The Music 29 Dec. Der perfekte Start ins neue Jahr 31 Dec. Neujahrskonzerte 4 Jan. Other events Show all. Determine location. Most popular events. Flic Flac Aschaffenburg, Mannheim, Koblenz Mark Benecke Olaf Schubert That situation was rectified with a special fence in Spring The church was repainted and its roof repaired in August, shortly before the internment camp was closed and converted into a refugee settlement.

It did not remain part of the refugee settlement for long, however. Because of its proximity to the US military complex, the US Army confiscated it again in December as part of an annex within the former prisoners compound. Father Roth, who remained in Dachau to serve as the refugees' priest after the internment camp was closed, was thus forced to set up another church in refugee barrack 32 at the northeast side of the camp-it had formerly been concentration camp barrack 27 for the "punishment detail," opposite the clerics' barrack The SS church on the roll-call square was presumably unused until it was relinquished by the Americans in As part of the expansion of the refugee settlement, a Protestant "Golgotha" church was built on the roll-call square near the former infirmary barrack in When the CID and the Bavarian government began planning a new memorial site in , they decided to tear down all buildings constructed within the camp after the war.

Roth, however, persuaded them to preserve the two churches on the roll-call square.

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Although the CID incorporated the preservation of the churches in its official list of demands, some members may still have hoped to remove them sooner or later, as internal documents from show. In any case, late in the organization of surviving concentration camp priests joined the proponents of the demolition of the old internees' church. Instead of the rickety old SS barrack church, they were planning to erect a large new stone chapel at the far end of the central camp street.

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The dedication of the towering new chapel was to provide a focal point for a Catholic World Congress the next summer. When Roth committed suicide in the only outspoken advocate of the church's preservation disappeared from the scene. In the plan to demolish the "temporary church" Notkirche , as Catholic officials began to call it, was confirmed by all groups involved in the planning of the new memorial site.

The actual demolition took place late in The KZ priests' approval of the demolition of the postwar church does not mean that they were opposed to preserving all historical remnants. In March they drew up a petition calling for the recreation of the KZ chapel in block 26 as part of the memorial site. Later that same year, when it was clear that it would be very costly to preserve all of the camp barracks, the KZ priests still called for the preservation of the two priests' blocks barracks 26 and 28 and the end walls of the other barracks along the central the camp street.

Soon, however, this plan was dropped as well. It was easier to remove those traces of life and history in the camp which did not fit into the message that the memorial site was to convey. Both the KZ barrack chapel in block 26 and the SS church would have been discordant remains in a memorial site documenting the brutality of concentration camp life.

The KZ chapel-especially if it were the only barrack in the vicinity left standing-would have overemphasized the presence of clerics in the concentration camp. The SS church would have conveyed the impression that the interned Nazis had been hard-working, religious men, and it would have been a reminder of the drawn-out and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to bring them to justice after the war.

The Dachau survivors conceived of the camp as a place to commemorate and learn about the victims; why should they preserve a relic casting the victimizers in a favorable light? What could its role have been in the memorial site?

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In the s the likelihood was great that many Germans would have seen the SS church as evidence of their own "victimization. Only the SS church's initiator, priest-survivor Leonhard Roth, advocted its preservation. After his suicide in it was demolished unopposed. Even in the s, when memorial site museums are being expanded to include exhibitions on the postwar uses of the camps, the desire to streamline memorial sites to focus on the Nazi era would probably ensure the demolition of such postwar relics.

In contrast, I would argue that future generations, whose primary interest is to learn about how they inherited the conditions that made the camps possible, would benefit from concrete evidence of that process. Perhaps someday the foundations will be marked, or even a building constructed to exhibit documents of the German internees.

In a pre-Christmas editorial in the Dachau newspaper in , Leonhard Roth responded to the criticism that had been leveled at the Italian chapel with the observation: "For years I have been asking myself simply: Where are the Germans hiding? Where are the German episcopate and the German Catholics? I note: Until now the German bishops have shown no initiative And where are Dachau's Catholics?

I think it is shameful that a small minority of Italians This manifested itself most concretely in a November prohibition forbidding Roth to publish articles or grant interviews.

In November the youth groups of the Bavarian Youth Ring criticized the older generation for its neglect of the site. And early in , after the wave of antisemitic vandalism had focused foreign attention on Germany, newspapers from as far away as Australia criticized the "carnival atmosphere" in the camp cum refugee settlement.

In the widow of a Dachau KZ inmate came to Dachau and found no suitable place to pray for her husband. All of these anecdotal causes should not obscure the fact that pressure from outside Germany was the primary, if not sole motivating force behind the construction of the Catholic Dachau chapel. The world will watch what we create, listen to what we say, interpret what we do. Throughout the s criticism of the condition of the former KZ Dachau in foreign newspapers had triggered outrage and defensive reactions in the local press. We have already seen how the removal of the Dachau exhibition in had been prompted by an article in , and how the popular initiative to tear down the crematorium had been thwarted by foreign attention and intervention.

In January local feelings about the memorial site were especially bitter because a British journalist had reported Mayor Hans Zauner's derogatory remarks about the camp inmates.

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He said they had been mostly homosexuals-a very dirty word in those days-and common criminals, and that even the political prisoners had behaved illegally. A bitter battle ensued between Zauner and Leonard Roth, the priest-survivor living in the refugee settlement.

Leonhard Roth , a Catholic priest who had been imprisoned in Dachau with the black triangle badge of the "asocials. His case illustrates the complex relationship between individual biography and memory, and public recollection. After studying German literature and philosophy in Berlin, Roth decided to become a priest. In , at the age of 27, he was ordained as a Dominican monk in a monastery near Cologne. Probably because of sexually improper behavior towards boys under his tutelage since Roth's homosexuality is still a tabu subject, most biographies claim that he was arrested because of the anti-Nazi orientation of his sermons , the Gestapo issued a warrant for his arrest in January , but he was able to flee to Switzerland.

He was captured by Swiss police in March and extradited to Germany, where he served a two year prison sentence. At the end of his term in the Gestapo committed him to the Dachau concentration camp instead of releasing him. He was the only known priest in the camp who was forced to wear the black triangle of the "asocials," as opposed to the red triangle of the political prisoners. Roth's self-sacrifice in helping his fellow prisoners bordered on masochism, and he soon won recognition for his almost superhuman altruism. Your website will consist of modules, and you will be able to operate the most of it unassisted: cars, pictures, forms, menu, logos, offers and a lot more.

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