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Stats Plus: Numbers to know for Giants vs.

Mathias Brackly () - Find A Grave Memorial

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Session Twenty Four – Crouching Sailors, Feral Bards

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Matthias of Neuenburg

Aisha is part of an adaptability study about Earth animals on Mira. After learning that Aisha is often found covered in oil, the team narrows down the possible locations for the feline: The Industrial District or the lower Administrative District. Walk around the highlighted area in the lower Administrative District to get blue pop-up boxes. Several of these will contain information about Aisha. Be sure to walk up the ramp to the riased area with cars and tents. After gaining the necessary intel, head to the Industiral District to tell Mathias what you've learned. You tell Mathias that you didn't find Aisha, but one curator did see her at Cliffside Beach.

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