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Long an advocate for composting toilets, she is hoping that too will someday become an item for everyday use. Helen was married to a career Navy Chief Petty Officer for over 47 years when he passed away in Together they had four children. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

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Ask it above. Rated 5. From a ruined Easter feast, brought on by the book's hero, Rex, to losing their home and starting over in the woods without running water, they faced each situation with a "can do" innovative attitude. It also lets you view, through its biographical window, the childhood of its author and the family she grew up with, by their experiences of first having everything, then to having nothing, and how they survived. It documents how she and her family continually bounce back from adversity that will make you laugh with them, admire them, and even perhaps inspire your own children.

You will also learn that she still has more to come. As an additional note, the author also did the cover page pastel of Rex. Create Widget. About Helen Digges Spivey. Also by This Author. Locals, Beach Street merchants, and tourists all donated funds to keep Brownie well fed and well cared for, and they even established a Florida Bank and Trust account in his name to make sure there was always enough money to buy dog food and pay vet bills.

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Each year, the townspeople bought Brownie a dog license, his tag always 1 -- signifying that he was the official goodwill ambassador for the town. The mayor gave the eulogy.


This quaint New Jersey graveyard, started in by a husband and wife who loved their pets almost as much as they loved each other, is the eternal resting place for thousands of beloved pets. Many celebrities who performed in nearby Atlantic City buried their companions here, and showbiz pups including Petey from the short-film series Our Gang and Rex the Wonder Dog also rest here. Another star dog was Paradiddle Ben. He has one of the most notable tombstones, engraved with the masks of comedy and tragedy. Services at Clara Glen could be very elaborate.

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Breadcrumbs You are here: Home Editorial Mysteries. Search Search. Main Menu. November 03, People's Tonight. Monument to Boomer the Three-Legged Hero Dog Makanda, Illinois This unassuming memorial stone is dedicated to a mysterious dog named Boomer who is said to have died trying to save his master. Showbiz Dogs of Clara Glen Pet Cemetery Linwood, New Jersey This quaint New Jersey graveyard, started in by a husband and wife who loved their pets almost as much as they loved each other, is the eternal resting place for thousands of beloved pets.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. I thought she made the worst first impression upon the Seleps when I did their home visit with her but upon seeing her on pheasant in early , Chris and Steve added her to their family. Cassie has two legs towards her Junior Hunter title. Abe aka Abraham was found by animal control left for dead on the side of a ditch in southern Illinois. His beautiful tail had been severed off and he had several areas of road rash and we can only imagine he was most likely dumped out of a car and was hit soon after.

Candy Thomas pulled him to safety when his time was up at the over crowded shelter he was at. Blood work soon showed he was positive for heartworm disease. Chris and Steve offered to foster him and prior to treatment it was also discovered Abe was infected with a tick borne illness common in Illinois called Rocky Mountain spotted fever--which he still struggles with today.

The first time we tested him on pheasant-however-he was amazing! Abe has a breeder tattoo in his ear; could be from a big name breeder in IL. Chris adores this dog and calls him her squishy boy :O. Abe has two legs towards his Junior Hunter title. Petey-Pie was a very frightened 6 month old puppy that would have been put to sleep at the Hinsdale Humane Society as unadoptable if Chris didn't commit to fostering him. He had terrible cage anxiety and food and fear aggression.

He continued to struggle with his issues although he was amazing on birds everytime we tested him. Follow up tick panel this summer did reveal the Rocky Mountain spotted fever that was hiding. He is being retreated but for much longer. Thanks to Chris and Steve he should recover and become a wonderful pet and hunting companion.

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We did track down his breeder as the original owner that dumped him at the Hinsdale Shelter did supply us with that information. Jules looking amazing on point. Jules on nice pheasant find. Cassie on a nice pheasant find.


Cassie and Steve's first Hunt test Q. Way to go Alex and Ben!!! Rocky got 2 legs towards his title that weekend! Rocky in the field. Photo by Pet Personalities. Mary and Rocky grab their first orange ribbon.

Rocky with a beautiful point in the bird field. Zac and Maverick one of Nala's pups grab their first orange ribbon also. Mav on point in the bird field. Ben and Alex grab their first orange ribbon also. Alex with a stunning point in the bird field.

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Alex is greeting the crowd. Mav's hanging out in the clubhouse waiting for his ribbon! Rob and Ivy secure their second JH leg. Rob and Oliver also had some success. Billy - 3rd place Gundog and Pete - 3rd place in Derby. Alex - 2nd place Puppy and 2nd place Derby. Billy - 3rd place Gundog. Buckwheat's first baby picture.